Let the Games Begin! (January Newsletter)

Updated: Jan 25

Hello, and thank you for checking out Girl Gang's newsletter and blog! This addition features the latest news from January- Early February. Our biggest event this month is our season kickoff. Keep reading for more information.

It's time for the official robotics season kickoff! January marks the beginning of a very busy season for Girl Gang; with the official 2022 game reveal, we have a lot of strategizing, building, wiring, and programming ahead of us.

This year's game is called Rapid React. It is full of new goals and new challenges! Check out more about it here. Kickoff | FIRST (

Right now, we are developing our strategy. Our focus is on intake, "flipavator", climber, and drive train components. We also have just named our robot... Medusa! Stay tuned for more information regarding Medusa (why we chose the name, how it's going, etc.). We will let you know if we have any important details to share! For now, please enjoy this sample of our logo:

We are updating our schedule. Keep posted on Team Reach or our social media pages. You can find a generic calendar on our website, but it does not contain any specific team meetings. We also have sponsorship updates. Stay tuned for those.

Our fundraiser has only just begun! All details regarding cutting board sales are now posted. Review our earlier posts to find details about this fundraiser. Please order! We would love your help!

Thank you for your continuous support! As always, we'd love to hear from you! Use our contact page. Watch for new updates! The new year is a great time to get involved in something new! Now is the perfect time to become a sponsor! Or, if you're not ready to commit as a sponsor, you can still become a member of our website to get perks or buy a cutting board! Thank you for reading this month's addition of the Girl Gang newsletter!

- Girl Gang Editorial Lead

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