Cutting Board Fundraiser (December News)

Hello, and thank you for checking out Girl Gang's newsletter and blog! This addition features the latest news from late November- December. Our biggest event this month is our fundraiser. Keep reading for more information.

As we approach the holiday season, Girl Gang is preparing a new fund raiser! December is the perfect time to buy gifts for your family (or yourself, of course)… and support Girl Gang at the same time! We are currently selling handcrafted cutting boards- a practical gift for any culinary enthusiast! They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and appearances. They can fit with whatever look you're going for in your kitchen: rustic, classy, modern, etc.! We would be willing to make some minor modifications to the boards as well if requested. Below, you will find some photos of just a few of the cutting boards we have to offer! If any of these interest you, you can request the number on its tag. If these particular ones don't catch your eye, please check out the rest of our boards! There is a huge variety of shapes, shades, and patterns to choose from! Aside from being high-quality cutting boards instead of flimsy plastic ones, these can also be turned into a variety of other projects.

Cutting boards have individual prices. These prices (along with the addition fundraiser details) will be posted in an update shortly.

Besides our fundraiser, Girl Gang is currently making new improvements to their robot, including adding siding and bolt-tightening. There isn't much to say about the robot this month!

Please stay tuned or new news updates and letters! We hope to host a variety of events later before 2021 is over. If you would like to sponsor Girl Gang, now is the time! Do so before the year ends! Or, if you're not ready to commit as a sponsor, you can still become a member of our website to get perks or buy a cutting board! Thank you for reading this month's addition of the Girl Gang newsletter!

- Girl Gang Editorial Lead

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