Competition Results! (March Newsletter)

Hello, and thank you for checking out Girl Gang's newsletter and blog! This addition features the latest news from March-Early April . Our biggest event this our first competition AND our award reveal. Keep reading for more information.

Girl Gang is proud to say that we had our first competition of the season on the 5th and 6th! Climber consistency and autonomous scoring were some of our best performances. We received many compliments regarding our robot and the way that the "snake arm" looked when scoring! We learned a lot from watching Medusa (and many other robots) performing and we are ready to make some improvements! And now, for the most exciting news...

During this competition, our team received the Imagery Award for aesthetic robot and brand appeal! Medusa really stood out in the crowd of robots, and we were thrilled to hear how much the judges enjoyed watching her "slither" across the field! Girl Gang is proud of our robot AND brand design. We are working towards more awards in the future! We are working hard to prepare for our next competition, the Rocket City Regional Competition! Stay tuned for more details. Thank you to all of our sponsors AND the teams that supported us during our competition... our success wouldn't be possible without you! You can find some NEW pictures from our competition in the gallery. If you have anything to say, don't hesitate to leave a comment!

~Girl Gang Editorial Lead

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